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At Feel Better Nutrition, we approach each person as an individual and consider their whole health picture.
Learn more about we use the principles of functional medicine and naturopathy, and how these influence our nutritional plans.

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At Feel Better Nutrition we aim to help you make a fresh start and give you a new perspective on your eating and health, even if you are starting right from the beginning or already doing well but want to optimize yourself to the next level. Read here about the different areas of health and diet we can assist with.

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Lorna and her team run a number of nutritional, botanical, herbal, food demonstration and functional medicine seminars and workshops. These are everything from one-off lecture evenings, hands-on kitchen classes, to full weekday and weekend courses to outside garden and nature walks. Events are mixture of free and ticketed.

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Nutritional therapy with a bonus:
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Health Tests:
Laboratory Services

In conjunction with the UK's leading private medical testing laboratories, we are able to access a wide range of tests to examine nutrient levels, gastrointestinal function, hormones, biochemistry, metabolism and much more.

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Perfectly put by Alice. I love this article and this is totally my philosophy and I have to remind myself of this as its easy to lose touch in whatever role you play in life!
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Very helpful news today on vitamin D. I recommend supplementation during the summer too as so many of us are at risk of being low due to work/life conditions and for anyone in a risk category (medical condition or poor health, dark skin, conception/pregnancy, elderly, dark skin etc etc). http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-36846894 You can also read a fantastic article on vitamin D, why we need it and what forms of supplementation are better (what I use in my clinic): https://www.wildnutrition.com/blog/henriettas-blog/family-health-henriettas-blog/why-do-i-need-vitamin-d

Here is my 5 day healthy weight management eating plan (featured in Your Fitness magazine) with less meal prep, as some foods can be cooked in advance and portions used twice! Follow the link for a full sized image to read from. http://www.feelbetternutrition.co.uk/media/Your_Fitness_-_page26.pdf

I like this quote as it reminds us all to be authentic, kind...from a place of love on the journey to achieve great success, heights or make dreams come true (little or big). Its the opposite to getting what you want by trampling on others or making others not feel good! Plus, its about being loving to yourself on that journey!

I really enjoyed speaking at this Nutrigenomics seminar last weekend. If you want to understand more how your genetics play a role in your health - Flora (nutrition intern) at Wild Nutrition has written a fantastic article that explains the topic and what the speakers (including me) were covering).

Certain foods may affect some people's digestion and produce symptoms such as bloating, gas and lose stools. This is quite different to a food intolerance or other immune issues. Its worth reading my article here http://www.gracebelgravia.com/the-truth-about-gluten/ and understanding that quite innocent foods such as garlic or apples may cause uncomfortable symptoms due to an overgrowth of bacteria in the small intestine - called SIBO. You can test for SIBO and a follow dietary changes and other support to reduce or get rid of the unwanted bacteria. The NHS test is not always reliable as it only looks at one type of gas produced by the bacteria in your small intestine so for some, they may be told they do not have SIBO when in fact they do. Its easy to confuse what you think is a food intolerance with actually the symptoms of a bacterial issue!

Often when I start working with clients, even the smallest changes bring about a clearer vision on how different life could be if health were optimized. These are changes the client makes. Yes I am there to educate and support but ultimately the 'awakening' is from the client's efforts, not mine. Some clients find their family or friends are not always so supportive or comfortable. Often because their change unsettles others - indeed it can sometimes be a mirror to the change the other person isn't making. For those clients, sometimes they might feel like turning back to 'fit in'. But I always say keep going because good things will keep coming from the change. And often those around you will eventually want some of that new found change for themselves. And this change is not always about diet or physical health. It can be beyond that too.
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Looking forward to giving a seminar next week on Thyroid Health – Supporting Hormones, Metabolism & Vitality - in Brighton Thursday 23rd June 2016 - 6:30pm, organised by College of Naturopathic Medicine I have worked with many different types of thyroid conditions over the years and even if your thyroid is working well, learn how to make sure it stays in optimum health through nutrition, lifestyle changes and herbs or botanicals. For more information and for tickets https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/thyroid-health-supporting-ho…
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What a beautiful setting for yoga...I highly recommend Alice Shine Yoga classes! And what a peaceful place to practice in.
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Especially the gelatin gummies are a great way of hiding children's nutrient capsules (pull them apart to add to gummie).

I am excited to be presenting a lecture as part of a day on Nutrigenomics in Bristol in July - looking at why supporting routes of detoxification are essential for healthy DNA and gene expression. For example, making sure oestrogens move through safe biochemical pathways so their metabolites do not damage DNA. I will also be talking about why using the right forms of nutrients is essential when so many of us have known and unknown genetic polymorphisms or 'SNP's' (single nucleotide polymorphisms). This event is for health professionals of all backgrounds and nutrition students - for tickets http://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/nutrigenomics-a-practitioners-perspective-tickets-24814730527?aff=erellivmlt

If you think you can't do something, you probably can't. That is where the 'thinking' takes over...the master. Don't think so much about healthy changes you can't do. Try them anyway, no matter how un-refined, or un-elegant they seem. Little by little, it all builds over time and you will start to see its a journey. But try not to allow the 'master' to tell you that its not possible. Thanks also Nicole Parsons-Lourens
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I could not agree more with Henrietta. Quick fix detoxification is not the way forward and is potentially more harmful and the patient will not see or feel the long term benefits. Longer courses of detoxification is what our ancestors would have completed too. The quick-fix detox is a far cry from proper functional or naturopathic cleansing.
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Babies are not sterile in the womb (we used to think this). They are in fact receiving beneficial bacteria from their mother via the umbilical cord. The last trimester is when this occurs most, which is why if a baby is premature, they may not have had time populate certain bacteria they need. I encourage pregnant mothers to increase beneficial bacteria foods like sauerkraut (but caution over raw cheeses etc) and supplement with a good probiotic all the way through pregnancy. If a baby is pre-term or cesarean born, or not breastfed then the baby itself will need a suitable probiotic too. Its in these early years that we develop our own important microbiome of bacteria that will serve us as an adult. It shapes our immune system for life.
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Edible flowers and delicious breakfast. I roll with Bain-Marie I love her! If you are in West London you must try her food Goldfinger Factory

Seminar on Thyroid Health – Supporting Hormones, Metabolism & Vitality - given by Nutritional Therapist Lorna Driver-Davies, Brighton Thursday 23rd June 2016 - 6:30pm More information and for tickets https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/thyroid-health-supporting-hormones-metabolism-vitality-cnm-brighton-23rd-june-2016-registration-24558824104
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The difference between between 'folic acid' and 'folate' is such a confusing topic for clients and my article aims to demystify the topic. This is also especially important for anyone concerned about genetic variations (MTHFR) and how they may affect nutrient absorption.