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At Feel Better Nutrition, we approach each person as an individual and consider their whole health picture.
Learn more about we use the principles of functional medicine and naturopathy, and how these influence our nutritional plans.

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At Feel Better Nutrition we aim to help you make a fresh start and give you a new perspective on your eating and health, even if you are starting right from the beginning or already doing well but want to optimize yourself to the next level. Read here about the different areas of health and diet we can assist with.

Lorna Driver-Davies
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Lorna and her team run a number of nutritional, botanical, herbal, food demonstration and functional medicine seminars and workshops. These are everything from one-off lecture evenings, hands-on kitchen classes, to full weekday and weekend courses to outside garden and nature walks. Events are mixture of free and ticketed.

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Laboratory Services

In conjunction with the UK's leading private medical testing laboratories, we are able to access a wide range of tests to examine nutrient levels, gastrointestinal function, hormones, biochemistry, metabolism and much more.

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It was a pleasure to contribute my nutrition comments to this article on how cutting out alcohol for a month affected this beauty journalist! A really interesting journey! She looks amazing by the end! https://www.refinery29.com/en-gb/cutting-out-alcohol-skin-benefits

I enjoyed contributing to this 9 healthy post lunch snacks article: https://sheerluxe.com/2018/09/26/9-healthy-post-lunch-snacks

Why do you feel tired all the time? Here is a helpful article from me in Sheerluxe on this topic https://sheerluxe.com/2018/09/04/why-you-feel-tired-all-time

LET GO: I love this time of year - its a real favourite of mine with the beautiful Autumn colours. This photo was taken on a climbing day out in East Sussex. As the leaves fall, it reminds me its a time to accept letting go. This can be letting go of things that do not serve you well, but also a time to let go of positive things - but perhaps they no longer serve our current needs. The 2nd reason is perhaps the most brave. @alicerose.space reminded me of this recently. Wise lady. The tree - once with bright green leaves, now turned to bronzes and browns. Those leaves will become nutrition in the ground for the following year. See how the 'let go' is nurturing. I recently gave away the most beautiful dress. We had such a great time together (all those fun nights out) but I felt ready to move on. Or 'the love' who was sweet...but its time to move onto a different chapter now. Only something fresh and new can come from that realisation. For women, a good time to 'let go' of anything is during menstruation. We have the opportunity to start afresh after that. How lucky to have a cycle! I like to reconsider my Autumn eating choices. Letting go of the habits of summer and making different healthy choices that will strengthen my body for winter. Warming soups with ginger and turmeric, colourful antioxidant rich root vegetables and hearty meat stews. Soul food. Hello Autumn I love you. 💕 #letgo #autumn #antioxidant #healthyfood #rootvegetables #Climbing #menstruation #active #Ginger #turmeric

These beautiful flowers are on my way to the @wildnutritionltd office and clinic each morning. A reminder of the lovelyness of nature. #flowers #nature #joy

I CAN, I CAN, I CAN! Yesterday I completed @the_wolf_run through beautiful East Sussex countryside. 10k of running and jumping through trees and nature, climbing high wooden obstacles, wading through mud, wriggling through tunnels, swimming across lakes. I loved every moment of this raw connection to nature. The earthiness and the joy in that. After the first 5k I got that exercise euphoria that made the toughness easier. I am immensely proud of what my body was able to do. Especially happy all my rock climbing skills came into positive play. I was never sporty at school. I didnt find my exercise mojo till much later on. The message: 1. It's never too late to get into any fitness. 2. So often (me included) we say 'I can't do it'. I have had plenty of really low moments climbing, running and skiing thinking 'I cant do this'. Then I have a little chat with myself and say 'come on, you can, keep going'. Trying, pushing forward, even if I think I am failing. I am only my own judge - no one else is criticising. It's amazing when I let go of my inner low mood on capacity, rise up, and aim to do whatever I can, to strive on. It's not always possible. But very happy I managed this yesterday. I CAN, I CAN, I CAN! Blessings on our incredible human bodies! It was extra fun with my wonderful and encouraging hilarious friends @nutritiousroots @samanthaelizabetho @tessasmart #wolfrun #exercise #running #nevergiveup💪 #Climbing #muscles #naturerun #pippingfordpark

SERENDIPITY Serendipity. Look for something, find something else, and realize that what you've found is more suited to your needs than what you thought you were looking for. Lawrence Block This year I have had so many brilliant serendipitous times, on deep and also light or fun levels. It reminds me to remain open, when a door can feel like its closing. What we get turned away from in life, is actually GOOD fortune. One perfect holiday example was we got turned away from a restaurant because they didn't allow dogs. But this meant we drove onto the next town, past other places...but then decided to stop and found a different place to eat (which we nearly missed as it was quite nondescript from the outside). This place turned out to serve some of the best dishes in the area (the foodie in me utterly delighted) and it was full of locals and bubbling with positive energy – much more fun and alive than the previous place. I also think of the romantic encounters that didn't work out...that freed me up to meet someone I did not expect to meet. The positions I did not get….that made way for a better role more suited to me anyway. Stay open. Don't get too set on plans if they change. Let go. I feel the more I follow this path, the more wonderful and helpful serendipity occurs. #serendipity #stayopen #healthyfood #love

If you have questions around the topic 'why do I feel tired all the time' I have opened up on this subject in my recent Sheerluxe article: https://sheerluxe.com/2018/09/04/why-you-feel-tired-all-time

Getting enough access to the hormone melatonin is essential for a good night's sleep and a whole host of other reasons such as antioxidant protection and female hormone cycle balance. Here are my top tips! https://www.wildnutrition.com/blogs/our-blog/3-ways-to-get-a-better-nights-sleep

Do you have young children? I contributed to a great article on children's nutrition. For helpful tips: http://www.rudehealthmagazine.ie/what-children-need

Getting excited about lecturing other nutritional therapists and health practitioners on female hormone balance and detoxification, next Wednesday evening in Brighton. I am passionate about speaking on the relationship between functional detoxification and female health conditions. There is not a day in my practice this area does not come up when looking at endometriosis, PCOS, fertilty, menopause, PMT, thyroid conditions and more. There are still a few tickets left - for more information and booking: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/a-naturopathic-approach-to-detoxification-to-support-female-hormones-with-wild-nutrition-anp-registration-35964077524

My new article on '3 ways to get a better nights sleep'! If you are a client of mine, you will know I go on about this all the time. Sleep is so important (for so many reasons) but we tend to de-value it. For me its an essential part of life, just as much as eating well. Learn more about melatonin and blue light here! http://www.wildnutrition.com/health-and-wellbeing/3-ways-get-better-nights-sleep/

Antioxidants are important for men's health! A must-read for any men interested in fertility, testosterone support and sports performance. I discuss all in my latest post: http://www.wildnutrition.com/health-and-wellbeing/5-reasons-antioxidants-are-crucial-for-mens-health/

I love this and really agree. I have to remind myself of this wisdom!

Vitamin C and zinc are not just for a child's immune system. Those key nutrients do so much more for their growing brain and body! You can read about how in my new blog post for Wild Nutrition: http://www.wildnutrition.com/health-and-wellbeing/4-ways-to-optimise-your-childs-health/

Finally, we are buying less margarine! Butter has always been the way forward. I only buy organic and French unpasteurized butter from waitrose so I get the benefits of the good bacteria. On a recent ski trip to alps, I have 7 days of unpasteurized milk, butter and cheese and my gut was very happy. I try to follow the rule with food - if you can make it yourself, then its got the chance of being the most natural. I would not know where to begin on making margarine. https://www.theguardian.com/business/2017/apr/06/unilever-flora-stork-kraft-heinz-bid

Lorna's roasted parsnip, fresh basil and raw kale home made soup: This is the soup for those of you who find cooking too long or complex. I promise this is pretty much a make in your sleep soup. I roasted the parsnips the evening before (chopped) in a tray with coconut oil and caraway seeds sprinkled on top. I think the bag of parsnips (organic) cost me 63p as they were reduced (nothing wrong with them!). The next day I used the cold roasted parsnips to add to my blender, with filtered cold water, 1 small handful of fresh basil and 2 large handfuls of kale. Imagine a handful of chopped cooked parsnips ratio to x 2 handfuls of kale. I also added around two tablespoons of olive oil. I usually do not add salt till later when its reheated. I love mustard (mustard baby/addict) so I also put two tsp of that in. But up to you! You can also swap the basil for fresh coriander. I made so much I put portions into freezer bags which means I always have some soup for lunch to heat up. When serving hot, I love to grind black pepper on top or you could add organic cream, or grated cheese or even a blob of live yogurt. Anyway, I am in love with this green soup! Enjoy.

January hopefully brings the move away from indulgences (which were fun by the way) and this is helpful for those wishing to support their female health. Our liver processes waste, including old hormones no longer required. So its important to support this organ and other systems in the body for keeping female hormones in check! My article explains!

For any of you experiencing the sniffles and shivers...my advice on managing a cold! https://www.wildnutrition.com/blog/health-and-wellbeing/10-ways-to-feed-a-cold