Feel Better Nutrition

Consultation types

Consultations can take place face-to-face at the clinics listed on the Locations page or by telephone or Skype.
Home or office visits are available on individual request

The first consultation

First consultations are 1 hour in duration.

Together we will devise realistically achievable goals that focus on optimizing your health, including addressing the underlying cause of any health issues.

What will happen during the consultation?

  • An in-depth examination of your health history and current health picture.
  • Your chance to have a better understanding of any current health issues.
  • Assessment of your personal future goals and how your practitioner can help you with these.
  • Analysis of your personal food diary (completed before the consultation).
  • Re-education on any misconceptions about what to eat and how to eat.
  • Helping you to understand the particular nutritional strategies that may be undertaken.
  • Discussion and advice regarding any lifestyle issues that may be adversely affecting your health.

What will happen after the consultation?

An individualised programme will then be created for you, to include:

  • A food management programme to give you an optimized healthy foundation to build on. This programme may change over time to suit the progression of your treatment plan.
  • A personally selected supplement regime, if required, including herbs and nutritional supplements. These may also be altered over time, to adjust to changes in your situation and progress.
  • Lifestyle changes may be suggested that can help to improve your health picture.
  • If needed, you may speak to the practitioner (for free) for up to 10 minutes if you have any questions after your plan is sent to you. This is only available for 7 days after your plan is sent.


You may be asked to see your general health care practitioner (GP) for further clarification of any suspected health conditions that have not been diagnosed (nutritional therapists do not legally diagnose). This is so that the nutritional therapist can work safely and understand the health issues that may be affecting you.

You may be asked to undergo specific tests through your GP or a private laboratory.

Follow-up consultations

Follow-up consultations are usually 30 minutes, but you can book a 1 hour follow up.
Scheduled between three and six weeks after the first consultation.

Why are follow-ups necessary and what do I, the client, gain from these?

  • Nutritional therapy is step by step process, working towards an end goal. Therefore several sessions are usually required in order to complete this process.
  • Follow-up consultations allow us to assess your programme and make any adjustments based on changes to your health in response to diet, supplements and lifestyle modifications.
  • Follow-ups are your opportunity to ask any questions about your ongoing treatment and discuss any changes you are experiencing.
  • You may have undergone tests or been asked to see your GP concerning a health issue. Follow-ups are where you learn about your results or other health information and what this means in relation to your nutritional programme.

After any follow up appointment, your personal plan will be updated in light of changes, progress and future goals.

Consultation Fees & Payments

These vary depending on location, length and type of consultation. Please look at our Fees page and contact Feel Better Nutrition by email or telephone regarding fees.

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