Feel Better Nutrition


with Lorna Driver-Davies and Forage London

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Lorna will be co-running this workshop with popular wild forager John Rensten of 'Forage London'. John and Lorna bring together their combined knowledge of botanicals and nutrition to give you a passionate and friendly 'tour de force' of specific wild foods, which have extra nutritional and wellness uses for health and vitality. Its great to know how you can safely choose plants in the world around you that will give your usual diet some positive extras.

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Wild Food Nutritional Workshop


12 week short course in central London - Late Autumn to Early Summer (Every year).
Join at any time.


Using herbs in your life may be the key to vibrant health and wellbeing. With so many herbs to choose from, the subject can be overwhelming without professional assistance. Herbs for Everyday Living gives an introduction to Western herbal medicine and naturopathic traditions, to gain a better understanding of the most common and exciting everyday herbs to use as medicines and as foods.

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Have you ever wondered how the herbs in your kitchen cupboard be used for more than just cooking? Do you see herbal medicines in shops and are curious what they could be safely used for? Would you enjoy making your own herbal preparations for yourself, friends and family? Do you wish you knew what herbs and foods to use if you want to support optimized health? This course gives you this knowledge to make herbs accessible and uncomplicated for all.

A successful course (since 2009) it is an introductory level course where welcome anyone with an interest in herbs and plants, whether a long-term passion or a new curiosity.

Lorna Driver-Davies founder of Feel Better Nutrition and co-lecturer, master medical herbalist Jill Davies, will teach you knowledge and skills over 12 weeks (once evening per week for two hours). The course is flexible because you can join at any time during the academic year (there is no need to wait for a new course to begin).

This course may be for you if:

  • You have ever wondered how the herbs in your kitchen cupboard, or growing in your garden (or see in your park) could be used for more than cooking.
  • You would like to know which herbs and foods to use to support optimal health, for common everyday complaints, or to support different life stages such as childhood, pregnancy or the menopause.
  • You see herbal medicines or herbal foods in shops and are curious as to what they can safely be used for.
  • You would enjoy making herbal preparations for yourself, friends and family.
  • You would like to know how to safely cleanse and detoxify using herbs and food, and how to support different organs.
  • You are curious about how to choose one herb over another for different people and situations.

Key features of the course

  • Build your own reference library on common herbs, their history, where they grow and their safe usage.
  • Gaining a deeper understanding of the medicinal use of kitchen herbs, for example oregano or cloves.
  • How to make your own herbal teas/herbal tinctures, using herbal powders and making your own capsules.
  • How to make your own herbal first-aid kit.
  • Super foods and sprouts for vitality.
  • Using herbs to optimize areas of your life and body. For example energy, sleep and mood.
  • Herbal remedies for common illnesses and ailments, e.g. colds / coughs, arthritis and cholesterol and more.
  • Safe cleansing for vital organs and systems (for example the liver, the lymphatic system).
  • Herbs for women's health, fertility, pregnancy, children's health, menopause and male health.
  • Naturopathic techniques such as skin brushing and castor oil packing.
  • Summer tour day of The Royal Botanical gardens at Kew with master herbalist Jill Davies.

This course is taught in an interactive, fun and friendly style to make anyone feel welcome, however limited or vast their existing knowledge. No formal qualifications or experience is required. Students will have the chance to work in groups in class under the lecturer's supervision to devise herbal, naturopathic and nutrition advice for common ailments and conditions.

Who should come on this course?

Students range from those with no background in health (lawyers, housewives) and healing to those who work in or have studied other types of complementary medicine (e.g. aroma therapists, nutritional therapists), and even those trained in conventional/allopathic medicine (nurses, midwives and doctors).
This course complements the college's other short courses such as the nutrition short course and skincare course. Those wondering about pursuing a more formal full-time diploma or degree course in herbal medicine may find this short course an enjoyable introduction to the subject that allows them to decide whether to take it to a higher level.

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