How can we help you?

How can we help you?

At Feel Better Nutrition we aim to help you make a fresh start and give you a new perspective on your eating and health, even if you are starting right from the beginning. For others, you may have already overcome some issues or need help with tackling one or more remaining concerns, with the aim of achieving a specific goal or to further optimize good health. We also love clients who are doing pretty well but want to feel even better!

In order to do this, we work through your health and nutrition history to make a full analysis. As well as your current symptoms, we take into account your unique body chemistry and life experience to develop a programme for you. We look at your existing diet to help you make changes, educate on new diets and for some, we may recommend food-based supplements or food botanicals and licensed herbal medicines. We also recommend lifestyle changes for health and mental well-being. We look at any current doctor's tests results you have as well as suggesting further tests with your doctor or a private laboratory. As practitioners of functional medicine, we may recommend further nutritional or metabolic testing.
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What makes working with Lorna and her consultations unique?

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The following are some examples of situations in which Feel Better Nutrition can assist and support you:

Men and Women: