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What is Nutritional Therapy?

Nutritional therapy is the maintenance and optimisation of health through good nutrition. Nutritional therapists work on the principle that good health is more than just the absence of health complaints. It is the application of nutrition and health science to enable individuals to maximise their health potential and, for some, to support existing conditions through a healthy diet and lifestyle.

At Feel Better Nutrition we believe that a nutritional therapist should be up-to-date with the latest nutritional research and education, to continue to give the client an informed and safe service.

A nutritional therapy consultation is an assessment of your health picture, taking into account your full health and lifestyle history, diet and the areas of your health you would like to optimize, or goals you wish to achieve. From this, a nutritional programme is developed that is completely unique to you. This is because Feel Better Nutrition practises client-centred therapy. This means we approach each person as an individual and consider their whole health picture, rather than focusing simply on any condition(s) they may be presenting with. A diagnosis from a doctor, or a health complaint, may be similar amongst individuals, but how they have got to that point and the support they receive in the future will be different.

We believe that lifestyle as well as diet plays a big part in health. We help you to understand this, and how lifestyle changes can support all areas of health including emotional and psychological well-being.

To read more on what happens during a consultation, please go to the Consultations page.


Which health situations can nutritional therapy help with?

  • Optimizing healthy energy levels.
  • Supporting healthy weight.
  • Optimizing a healthy endocrine system (e.g adrenal glands/system, thyroid gland and more).
  • Promoting emotional and psychological well-being.
  • Supporting a healthy immune system.
  • Support for coping with the pressures of modern lifestyles.

  • Supporting healthy female hormonal systems and life stages (e.g menstruation, menopause).
  • Supporting healthy fertility and pregnancy.
  • Optimizing gastrointestinal health to promote healthy digestion.
  • Helping to promote tolerance to a wide range of foods or food groups.
  • Supporting routes of elimination and detoxification (the colon, the kidneys & bladder, the lymphatic system, the liver and more).

Your underlying health picture:
How we use the principles of Functional Medicine and Naturopathy as part of our nutritional programmes.

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