Feel Better Nutrition



What clients have said…

"I came to Lorna after a spell in 2011 during which I had 6 or 7 colds over a 2-3 month period. Lorna put together a nutrition programme after a consultation on my health history and my current complaints. Since that time I have felt really good and that my immune system feels supported.
Lorna is very intelligent, easy to work with and supportive. She responds to questions quickly, and is always eager to help out when it comes to further supporting my diet, discussing how to optimize my workouts at the gym. I have already suggested her to colleagues, friends and family, and would recommend her to anyone who wants to optimize their health and wellbeing."

Ryan Victor, Entrepreneur/Business Director (London)

"Lorna has helped me immensely. She guided me towards a healthy organic lifestyle with all the necessary nutrients to gain my strength and has shown a great deal of kindness and compassion. I feel very confident and happy. My skin is much more radiant; my energy levels feel supported thus making me a very happy person. Thank you so much Lorna."

A.T. (Berkshire), Yoga Teacher

"After a lost pregnancy, I was feeling tired all the time, and my skin was terrible. I really wanted to get pregnant again but felt my body was not up to it. Lorna gave me loads of encouragement and simple, practical advice to help me through. Her methods are thoughtful and ease you in gently if you are not used to changing your diet. I would recommend her to anyone. I am now pregnant again."

Louise Gandolfi-Green, Housewife and mother (London)

"I studied 'Herbs for everyday living' taught by Lorna at CNM for 12 weeks and have decided to return for another course. The course was the perfect introduction to learn about the types of herbs, their origins, properties and usage allowing me to practice my newly acquired skills at home.
I was surprised that as a younger person Lorna had vast knowledge of herbs and never deferred any questions. I appreciated the attention given to individual students and enjoyed the laid back atmosphere.
Lorna is one of the best teachers I have ever had and I learnt as much and more from her in the weeks as in a whole year of self study."

Shabber Ahmed, Capital Procurement Manager, (London)