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The Team

As well as offering nutritional therapy, other services are available through our team of Feel Better practitioners. Check them out:

Health Food Chef:
Marie Cudennec

Marie is a French-Chinese health food chef and writer that draws upon her travels and rich culinary heritage to create deliciously healthy recipes. She is a health food enthusiast with a passion for making natural and healing foods taste delicious, so you never deprive yourself but instead enjoy every mouthful of food whilst celebrating organic, local and seasonal ingredients. Marie and Feel Better Nutrition founder, Lorna, frequently work together on exciting food education projects and nutrition workshops. Lorna admires Marie’s culinary expertise and they spend many hours getting very excited discussing diets, recipes, wholesome ingredients and the mutual love of ‘real food’ and healthy living. Lorna recommends anyone looking for exciting recipes should follow her beautiful food blog.


  Marie Cudennec

Contact us or Marie directly if you are interested in her workshops, 1-1 recipe tuition or having Marie cook for your party or corporate event:

Postural Alignment:
Nicole Parsons, BSc.

At Feel Better Nutrition, we believe that another aspect of great health is taking care of your physical body to overcome pain, injuries, feel fitter and more flexible. Therefore many clients see Nicole as part of their Feel Better Nutrition Programme.

Nicole Parsons has been an Integrative Performance Coach for 13 years. Over that time, she has used her expert training in Advanced Personal Training (Sports Science & Sports Rehabilitation Degree), Postural Alignment and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) to help thousands of clients across Europe to become pain free and achieve their performance goals.

  Nicole Parsons

From one to one coaching and corporate training to running retreats and seminars, her clients include senior management, professional athletes, new mothers and anyone who wants to live a pain free active lifestyle.
For more information, contact us or visit : www.nicoleparsons.co.uk

For Vegan Clients:
Daisy Connor, Nutritional Therapist

At Feel Better Nutrition we often refer those who follow a vegan diet to Daisy Connor.

Daisy is a naturopathic nutritional therapist with a special interest in vegetarian and vegan optimal nutrition, as well as digestive health and IBS. She sees clients in a London clinic, and runs health and wellbeing workshops in corporate settings. Daisy is the former Director of Studies at the popular College of Naturopathic Medicine in London, and currently acts as President for the Naturopathic Nutrition Association (www.nna-uk.com).

Daisy believes that food is the foundation of good health and that one size does not fit all.

  Daisy Connor

For more information, contact us or visit : www.daisyconnor.com

Advanced Personal Training:
Ben Thompson

Ben believes that personal training should help you get the most from your body and, most importantly, be pain and injury free. To support his clients in reaching their goals, Ben works by firstly addressing the foundations of posture and functional range of movement. This allows his clients to progress quickly and without pain or injury, and allows them to build strength and fitness without being pushed to the extreme.

Ben has helped hundreds of people from all walks of life achieve their goals – he covers everything from fat loss to muscle gain to sports-specific training, and everything in between. Sessions can be delivered at your home, in a park or at MY PT Studio in Croydon where Lorna also see nutritional therapy clients.

Sessions can be delivered at your home, in a park or in a local studio.

  Ben Thompson
or email: ben@transitionpt.co.uk

For more information contact us or visit Ben's websites: www.transitionpt.co.uk and www.myptstudio.co.uk or email: