What makes a Feel Better Nutrition consultation unique?

Feel Better Nutrition founder and principal practitioner Lorna Driver-Davies firmly believes in bringing science and nature together to create the most effective nutritional programme. Clients' programmes are created from understanding established nutritional science and research and laboratory analysis as well as looking at how the body can correct itself through dietary, lifestyle and a holistic approach to food and eating patterns.

Our philosophy is to help you make sense of the science behind nutrition and to understand why you may feel the way you do, what foods will be beneficial to you and what steps can be taken to promote your well-being.


Feel Better Nutrition is 'nutrition with a bonus'. Why? Alongside nutritional therapy, Lorna uses her skills as a trained naturopathic nutritional therapist and herbal medicine dispenser. Therefore as well as food and dietary support, a client's programme will consist of traditional naturopathic techniques, herbs as food and, if required, licensed herbal medicines. A varied and balanced diet can provide us with the nutrients we need and Lorna's programmes can help clients to achieve this. Lorna may in addition recommend the use of specific nutritional supplements (but not as a replacement for healthy food). Feel Better Nutrition only uses the most natural and safe supplements and focuses on using those mostly from food origin (or nature-identical).

Our programmes are put together using the principles of nutritional therapy and Functional Medicine (which combines nutrition and health science) as well as the principles of naturopathy/naturopathic nutrition. For more on this go to What is Nutritional Therapy?

We also encourage the use of herbs and spices as foods and using licensed herbal medicines in everyday life. Herbal medicine is the oldest and still the most widely used system of medicine in the world today, common to many societies and cultures. Ancient man in pre-farming days would have gathered and eaten many herbs within a day, ingesting over time hundreds of varieties within the four seasons of the year. Herbs and spices used as foods have a great natural synergy with the human body to make a perfect accompaniment to a balanced diet.

We also emphasize the promotion of healthy detoxification and routes of elimination (e.g. the colon, the liver, the kidneys and bladder) to facilitate an ideal environment in the digestive system for optimal absorption of nutrients.

Feel Better Nutrition also has a team of practitioners to whom we can refer those clients who may need the additional support of other therapies alongside nutrition. For more on this, please see The Team.